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Exploring potential opportunities for the NYTimes Mobile App



If you're reading this, I likely interviewed with you recently at the New York Times. I want to show you some of my capabilities that directly relate to the Times, since so much of my previous work does not. I decided to poke around the mobile app and explore some slight improvements and send them your way.


I mocked up animations for Frequently Asked Questions section that is in Settings, and some different versions and process shots of how I got there. I also explored some changes to iconography off of the home screen, and just for fun, designed a pull to refresh animation for the main stories section.




Frequently Asked Questions

This portion of the app, while somewhat hidden within Settings, doesn't match the look and feel of the rest of the NYT app, but rather seems to be pulled from the Help section. With placeholder fonts (Georgia and Calibri) in place of the NYTimes fonts, I tried to remedy this.



I started off with doing some explorations and initial versions of how this section could look. I also considered, through various headings, how this might apply to the Help pages and act as more of a support section, rather than just a FAQ list.



Home Screen & Pull to Refresh 

I made some static mockups of the home screen, where Top Stories are usually shown, replacing the notifications icon. This wasn't in depth, but I wanted to explore ways to increase access to Saved for Later stories, and make searching and browsing stories more of a personalized experience.

Then, I explored some loading animations, and mocked up what a pull to refresh animation might look like.



In every app and website that I use, I frequently brainstorm how even the slightest changes could improve the experience. I'd love to have the chance to continue to do this alongside the News Products team, and work to make your journalism more accessible and meaningful in the daily lives of your readers.



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